David McKenzie

Award-Winning TV Director and Producer

A TV director and producer with more than three decades of experience, David McKenzie produced his first projects in the late 1980s. He has since directed 30 projects and produced more than 100 throughout his extensive career in Hollywood, winning multiple Emmy Awards in the process. McKenzie has focused much of his work in documentaries and TV specials.

David McKenzie held producer-director roles on projects such as The Secret KGB JFK Assassination Files (1999), Real Miracles (2004), Unlocking DaVinci’s Code (2004), and Heroes at Home (2008). More recently, he has directed specials like Easter’s Funniest Moments (2008), Dad’s Funniest Moments (2008), and The World’s Funniest Halloween Moments (2011).

David McKenzie also directed the 2019 documentary Hate Among Us, which highlights the growth of antisemitism and hate in the US and around the world, with a focus on recent incidents in Charlottesville, Virginia, and the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He was awarded the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Directing Special Class in a virtual ceremony in August 2020 for his work on the acclaimed documentary. McKenzie has also produced documentaries on subjects such as the WWE, NASCAR, John Lennon, Princess Diana, and global poverty.

These projects have been distributed Associated Television International (ATI), where McKenzie serves as president. The full-service production and distribution enterprise has been in business for more than three decades, during which time its programming has appeared on prominent broadcast and cable networks like ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, Hallmark, and A&E. The company, which operates out of a 66,000-square-foot facility in Los Angeles, also has one of the largest libraries of stage magic and UFO footage. ATI produces several series for syndication and is one of the top independent syndicators of original programming in the country.